This exhibition invites to observe and reflect on three works by Vicente Ameztoy, Dora García and Loretta Lux

Invisible Violence
Invisible Violence

The project explores so-called invisible violence as it is discernable within quotidian, domestic, work-related, and everyday life


Art, cinema and gastronomy

Visit, projection and tasting, with the film My Blueberry Nights. December 6, tuesday

An encounter between art and poetry

A different look through Disorder, the exhibition. With Patricia Furlong. December 17, wednesday

Proklama #3

Preformative workshops and encounters, with Artium and Azala (auto-theatre, lecture, concert). From december 16 to 20


Educational project

The aim of the Education and Cultural Activities Department of ARTIUM is to bring key aspects of contemporary art closer to the general public.

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Virtual press office

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