Vídeo of the exhibition Invisible Violence




Graphic novel. Social protest and criticism
Graphic novel. Social protest and criticism

The bibliographical exhibition displays works which encompass current issues such as armed conflicts, women’s rights, and crisis, among others.

Grey Flag 2014. In Common
Grey Flag 2014. In Common

Six banners to think about new forms of community engagement


A converstaion with Greta Alfaro

The author of the project Still Life with Books (Praxis Program 2014, Less Poetry) talks about her work at Artium. September 11, thursday

Public treasure seminar

A seminar about the responsibilities on heritage of arts and museums. September 5 and 6 at Artium

Opening: Invisible Violence

Guided visit (Friends of Artium), talks, exhibition opening. September 12, friday, from 6.00 pm on



Educational project

The aim of the Education and Cultural Activities Department of ARTIUM is to bring key aspects of contemporary art closer to the general public.

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